At the start of this century many people didn’t realise they’d see at least: TWENTY THOUSAND YEARS OF PROGRESS instead of the usual one hundred years. Utopia is coming.


Many people didn’t realise Super-Intelligence created in 2045 would have a mind *ONE BILLION TIMES MORE POWERFUL than ALL human intelligence at the start of this century.


Human intelligence evolved slowly. Artificial Intelligence evolves at an astonishingly rapid speed. Natural procreation is a slow method to improve intelligence therefore human generations progress slowly. Human minds evolved over millions of years whereas Artificial Intelligence needs the tiniest fraction of the human evolutionary period to reach then surpass human intellectual capacity. Each year new generations of computers help scientists and technologists to solve problems beyond ordinary human brainpower. When intelligent computers are able to think for themselves they will quickly create newer computers with increasingly bigger intellects, a positive feedback. There will be no scarcity of intelligence, no limits.


Our increasing level of expertise allows us to cram more progress into our current year  than we did the previous year. Based on the 2001 rate of progress we will see at least 20,000 years of progress between 2001 and 2100. The intellectual barrier will be broken. Escape velocity achieved. The intellectual boom will be awesome. Explosive 2045 is coming.




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2045 Deadline                               *One billion times at least.                           ► 2045 is a deadline for Intelligence Explosion






The Law of Technological Singularity





Law of Accelerating Returns                              ● Moore’s Law




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